2020-2021 Studio Policies and Procedures


Privacy Policy- Jersey Shore Dance Academy does not share any customer’s personal

 or financial information.



The policies of Jersey Shore Dance Academy (JSDA) were designed to promote an organized, professional studio and to create a positive learning environment for your child.  By following these policies, you will help create the best dance experience possible.  The Directors at JSDA are professionals and take dance very seriously.  By following these policies, you will help your child to excel at the fine art of dance.

Studio Directors and Managers

Lucienne Trout and Megan Ford are JSDA’s co-directors.  They are available Monday-Thursday 4:00-8:00 pm, Friday 4:00-6:30, and Saturday 9am-12pm.  Lucienne and Megan manage all customer relations.  Please see them for any concerns that you may be having.  If Megan and Lucienne are unavailable, please see one of the office managers, Lauren, Eileen or Diane, and they will assist you with any questions or concerns.  If you need to speak to an instructor directly, they can schedule an appointment for a private meeting.


JSDA does not carry medical insurance for its students.  It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies and, if injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.


Snow or Bad Weather

The studio will usually follow the Shrewsbury Public Schools decision on class cancellation for bad weather.  We will send an email by 2:00 p.m. informing families whether classes will be held or not.  JSDA reserves the right to cancel classes at its discretion.  We will not put any child in danger due to weather.  Any classes that are missed or cancelled can be made-up by attending another class comparable in level.

Attendance and Tardiness

If a student is more than 10 minutes late, they will not be allowed to participate in class that day.  Students coming in late cause too much distraction, delay, and will not be properly warmed-up for class.  Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class; and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student.  If more than 3 out of the last six classes are missed the dancer WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the recital. Please make every effort to attend every class.  Missed classes may not be deducted from tuition payments.  Make-up classes should be attended.

JSDA reserves the right to cancel classes at its discretion.  Any classes that are missed or cancelled can be made-up by attending another class comparable in level.  There will not be a refund in tuition for any classes that are cancelled.

Make-Up Policy

If for any reason your child cannot attend class, they are encouraged to attend a make-up class within the month. (No extra charge for make-up.) See Megan or Lucienne for proper class placement.

Communicating with Instructors

We work very hard to keep you informed by communicating via email and updating our website. However, it is your responsibility to keep up to date by reading e-mails, and checking the website.  If you need to talk to an instructor please schedule an appointment so that the instructors can give you their full attention.


There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal for the recital. There will be one recital performance.  The dress rehearsal is mandatory for anyone wanting to perform in the recital.

Recital Costumes

Recital costumes will run $50 to $100 per costume. Combo may need to purchase one costume for each genre. If a dancer is in more than one class, he or she will need to purchase additional costumes. The Recital/Costume fee is due April1st so that costumes can be ordered on time. You may pay money towards your costumes at any time before the costume fee is due. The costume size that will be ordered will be based on the measurements taken by Miss Megan and Miss Lucienne. Once costumes are ordered there are no refunds or size changes. Any alterations needed are the parent’s responsibility, however, any alterations will be minimal.  All tuition accounts must be up to date to receive.  Any costumes that are ordered after the original order is placed may have to pay a late fee for shipping.

Recital Photos

Information regarding recital photos will be available as soon as we know the details.

Videotaping during Recital and Dress Rehearsal

Videotaping during our recital is not allowed. However, you may videotape during the dress rehearsal. The recital will be taped using professional equipment, and DVD copies will be available at reasonable prices. Still pictures are permitted: however, no “flash” pictures are allowed during performances.

Competitive Dance Company

JSDA offers a Competition Company for a unique dance experience. An audition is held during the summer months for the upcoming year. Dancers who would like to audition for the team are advised to participate in technique classes weekly. Dance expectation at this level is more than once a week.  Ballet and strength/conditioning is mandatory for all team members as well as any technique class that corresponds to each child’s choreography class.

Late fees and Returned Checks

Tuition is due on the 1st if every month.  There is a $10 late fee for ALL late tuition payments. This fee will increase by $10 each week thereafter until account is paid in full.  All fees must be paid in full before recital or the student will not be able to participate.  There is a $36 fee for ALL returned checks and automatic payments.

Tuition is based on 10 months (September-June).  Tuition is non- refundable and is paid to save your child’s place in class.  If your child has decided to stop attending class you must notify the studio at least 2 weeks before payment is due.  If we are not contacted, we will continue to bill you for saving your child’s place in class.


If your child becomes very ill or injured and is unable to dance for 4 weeks or more, we will reimburse your tuition for those months IF you have a doctor’s note that states they cannot participate.  Unfortunately, once costumes are ordered we cannot reimburse them.  Depending on timing, we may or may not be able to reimburse competition fees.


JSDA Etiquette

We cannot stress enough, the importance of being a team. We will hold our standards very high when it comes to teamwork, sportsmanship and professionalism. There will be NO slandering, gossip, or negativity towards other dancers or studios permitted. Ever. Please enforce this with your children, especially when social media comes in to play. If there is ever an issue, Miss Meg and Miss Luce are always available to discuss and/or address. We want to create the most empowering, respectful and professional environment for our students so please recognize the significance of this matter and know that we only want the happiest and healthiest environment for your kids.




- Classes in Studio A will max out at 10 students.  Classes in Studio B will max out at 8 students.


- We are taking each child's temperature with a contactless thermometer (before each class).


- Each child will use hand sanitizer (provided to them) prior to each class.

*However, we ask that each student bring their own hand sanitizer for their convenience as well.


- Masks will be required during class and if you or your child needs to use the bathroom.


- The waiting room will be divided into two rooms (front and back) so we can have a small number of students in each room if needed.


- We will use seperate entrances/exits for each studio to avoid cross over traffic in the studio.


- Teachers will change from studio to studio, the students will remain in the same studio for all of their classes. 


- To limit the amount of people in the studio, parents will not be permitted in the waiting room.

*We ask that our parents with 4 year olds and under wait in their car should we need you for any reason. 


- We are using our "stars" as guidelines to keep students 6 feet apart.


-  We are limiting the amount of "things" each dancer brings to the studio, ie: water bottle and appropriate dance shoes, nothing extra.




  • By sending your child to the studio, you are agreeing to the fact that your child has not shown any of the following symptoms within 48 hours leading up to their class:

  • Fever (100.4 degrees or greater)

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle and body aches

  • New loss of sense of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea


  • If a student or student’s household member tests positive for Covid-19 they will be asked to quarantine for two weeks.


  • If a teacher or staff member is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or feeling ill, they will be required to receive a negative test before returning to the studio.


  • If a dancer is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or feeling ill, we encourage them to receive a Covid-19 test.


  • If a dancer comes in contact with someone that tests positive or is possibly positive, we ask that they do not return to dance for two weeks or until they receive a negative test result.


  • Should there be an outbreak of Covid-19 in one of our local schools where our students attend, we will ask those students to quarantine for two weeks or until they receive a negative test.


  • Should the studio need to close for a positive or possible positive case of Covid, our schedule will remain the same and we will immediately transition to virtual learning via zoom.


  • Should we need to transition to virtual learning at any point, all tuition will remain the same as we will offer the exact same schedule and services via zoom.  In addition, our attendance policy will be enforced.


  • If the studio experiences any long-term closure (4 weeks or more), tuition will be discounted by 10%.


  • There will not be any refunds or credits given due to Covid-19.  Should your student miss 2 weeks of classes due to quarantine, there will not be zoom options so long as the studio remains open.  However, we will offer makeup classes for your child.


*Should a situation arise that is not addressed in protocols above, we will use our discretion as far as making the best decision for our dancers and staff.